Megan Garnett is an artist from Alva, Oklahoma specializing in natural light and fine art portrait photography.

Megan Garnett Photography is happy to offer high-quality work that merges art and life.

Each image you receive from Megan Garnett Photography will have my personal detailed attention and editing to produce not only photos but personal pieces of art that you can treasure for a lifetime!

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Name: Megan! 


Hometown: I was born and raised in Alva, Oklahoma.


School: Alva Public Schools, Northwest Technology Center NWOSU - I obtained my bachelor of science degree in Mass Communication with a minor in fine art from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2017.


Favorite Places in the World: Versailles, France; New Mexico & Colorado (I'm a cool weather girl!) but I can never say no to the beach!



  • Art! Drawing portraits has and will always be my first love. I love making something from nothing and capturing something so fleeting (like soul and spirit) in my art and that translates into photography! 

  • Writing (creative writing!)

  • Netflix 

  • Hanging out with pets, friends & family!


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