How to prepare for

your portrait session:

1. What do I wear? 

        The key to deciding on outfits is coordination. No, I'm not talking about matching (please get rid of the matching white t-shirts with jeans photos idea out of your head!) but picking out a complementary color palate. My favorite look is finding neutrals and then adding a pop of color. 

        Don't be afraid to go with patterns, but beware, too many patterns can overtake a photo! We want the pictures to highlight your face, not your clothing!

Accessorizing and filling in your outfit also will make the photos pop. 
        Last but not least, be comfortable. If you're not used to wearing 5" stilettos, don't do it!

2. Make it your own.

        Your photos should be as unique as you are. I encourage you to add any element of "you" that you'd like! Whether it's props or going back to a place that is special to you,  your family or your significant other.

3. Relax!

        Getting your picture taken shouldn't be stressful. The good news is that you're dealing with a laid-back photographer. I'll guide you through the entire session. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. Heck, even bring a six-pack if you want (21 and older obviously!). 

4. Get in close.

        My favorite pictures are the ones where you can "feel the love",  so-to-speak. I'll probably tell you multiple times at your session to "get in close, closer". It's all about feeling the connection between people in the pictures. And remember, not everyone has to be looking at the camera at the same time. As long as you're together and showing each other love, that's alright with me. 

5. Have fun.

        This is really the most important part about the photo sessions. Let loose a little bit because a little fun and laughter really brings out your personalities and makes for some awesome pictures.

        If you have little kids in the photo, let them play and be themselves! Telling them to "say cheese for the lady!" isn't the best way to capture those cute little smiles and giggles! 

Don't be afraid to play with your children and each other; show me how you interact at home and in real life- toss them in air (a great job for Dad!), tickle them or give them relentless kisses! Interacting with each other and coaxing those smiles out naturally will make for the best photos and will allow them to be genuinely happy. 

        So relax, goof-off a bit and let yourself have a good time!

Some final words of wisdom...

  *Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Rushing to the session will most likely result in a rushed feeling during the session!

  *Make sure your kiddos (and you) are well-rested. Avoid scheduling your session around naptime or bedtime. 

  *Don't come hungry! This could make for some cranky adults; or worse...cranky toddlers...

  *If you do have children, consider bringing a favorite toy or even a small snack to keep them happy and full!

  *Last but not least... remember that I'm an everyday person that takes pictures of everyday people :)

( Credit to Holen Photography for these wise words! )